The Story Up To Now

Over 250 days ago I decided to make a change. On that day I started documenting my efforts on TikTok. Today is day 258.

Music, Temptation, and the Cost of Living

My musical tastes have refined, but I’m still a super fan of foot stomping music. But I’m Also a fan of eating food, paying my bills, and having nice stuff. I need money.

I learned about marketing and started doing magic shows. The more I learned about marketing the more I became tempted by “ambition porn.” Ambition porn is what you see on Instagram where young, sexy people on yachts flaunt wealth while selling you their get rich quick schemes.

Lockdown Set Me Free

The majority of the people I was working with were like sharks at a feeding frenzy. Businesses were falling apart and our marketing idea could keep them afloat and maybe even give them a profit. Remember, this was at a time when most businesses were collapsing.

I couldn’t take it. I’ve never been that cutthroat. I wanted to donate marketing campaigns to struggling mom & pop shops. Most of the team hated that idea, so I released myself from the group.

Darkness before dawn

First, I’m too lazy. Freelance writing requires enormous amounts of time and energy. It’s hard to muster time and energy when you don’t care about the work you’re doing. And I absolutely did not care about the work I was doing. In fact, I hated it.

I began writing poetry again. That was a relief, but you can’t make a living as a poet. But it did provide me with a much needed inspiration.

The Quarantine Quill

One episode called for listeners to write a poem. The assignment was to go for a walk and notice the world around us. On the walk we were to pick two things to build a poem from. I saw a dead fly and a wasp.

I wrote a little poem and submitted it to the given email address as an audio recording. Lo and behold! They chose to use my poem on the podcast. This was the first time I had an international audience for something I’ve written.

The Quarantine Quill inspired me and put me back in touch with my love of writing poetry.

Around the same time I joined TikTok. On TikTok i found a bunch of guitarists. This inspired me to pick my guitar back up. I’m short order I was back in the mindset of being a musician, something I thought I left behind when I went to rehab for drugs and alcohol.

258 Days Later

I took a job at Starbucks while I was still in New Orleans. They have a great policy when it comes to transferring. I knew I was moving to Asheville and I knew they had SBux. I just wanted to land and make sure I had a job of some sort.

I also knew I’d be sleeping in my car for a while. I chose this route because it brought me to this region faster. I’ll probably be car camping for another month or two.

That’s fine. I’m here now and it’s time to advance to the next stage.

You can follow me on Twitter at ElliotGorton, on Instagram at elliotwrites, on TikTok at elliotwrites71, and on my Facebook page Elliot Gorton — Music.

That’s it for now. I’ll sign off how I begin each TikTok journal entry:

I’ll be a full time performing songwriter in about a year and a half. Today is day 258.




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