Finding A Way

2 min readApr 17, 2020


The world is changing

I’m and artist before I am anything else. I’m an artist without an art. I’m without focus or patience. I lose interest and change my mind. I pivot this way and that. I seek praise and adoration as much as I seek solitude and quiet.

Not all artists are this way. I am comfortable with how I am. I am comfortable not wanting to tolerate bullshit and trivial experiences. I must go all the way into a thing. Even if that thing is stringing sentences together haphazardly.

As I’ve stated before, I’m adjusting to a new way of being. I’m figuring out how to make a living, enjoy learning new things, and being creative. Before the outbreak I was headed in a specific direction. I had a plan.

Like everyone else my plan went to shit. I’ve had to pivot. That’s why I’m opening up to sell direct response copywriting as a service. I know I can position myself to make a good living at it while maintaining my creative joy.

I’m setting up a set of criteria of who I’ll work with. They have to meet these criteria. The people who hire me. My main focus in that department is about preparing myself for client intake and looking professional. I’m making a little website and putting the final touches on a solid ad campaign.

In the evenings I write these little posts. It gives me a place to be. Gradually I’ll begin to promote it. It’s already taking over my mindset and my drive. I’m becoming more and more locked into the writing processes. It’s delightful.

I know this a disjointed post. That’s okay. I’m scatterbrained today. Here in the quarantine. I’ve been stepping up my reading. I’ve been finding the sources and inspirations. I’ve been watching horror. Last night I watched a thing called Howl. It was fantastic.

Anyway…I’m out. Ta-ta.

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