I’ve put on so much weight. Depression weight, I call it. I’ve been eating my emotions and it shows. I’m about to step into the shower and wash my body, my beard, my balding head and shoulders.

In the next couple of days I’m leaving New Orleans. With its criminal leaders. Its selling out to the highest bidder. Starving artists and criminalized homeless.

I’m going into the unknown. Places I’ve never been to do things I’ve never done.

I know what I want and where my destination lies. The road is as clear as it can be. And now, to put one foot in front of the other.



In which I return to my love of words and song.

I’ve decided that writing for the ambitious is not for me. I honestly don’t have any more ambition in my body than to get just enough to be happy. And if that’s the case, I’ll spend my time doing what I really love.

TikTok and the Timely Discovery

I’m happy to say that I’ve found myself again. TikTok gave me the courage to pursue what I’ve always wanted. And so, here I am, at 49 years of age, going for broke.

I started a TikTok and it is dedicated to spending the next year becoming a full time performing songwriter. Take that Upwork!

I’ve decided to start writing about it here and on Substack.

You can follow me @elliotwrites71 on TikTok.

Hope to see you there! Peace!



You don’t have to compromise your integrity.

Photo by: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

You might have to borrow money. You might have to eat rice and nothing else. You might have to give up coffee. But you can make it work.

You’ve got to be creative. Figure out ways. Advertise on Craiglist. Pop your ad into Facebook groups. Write a resume and post it on the state job board. Cold email on LinkedIn. Look up local businesses on Manta and Hunter.io. Email them cold.

Do your research first. Make sure you’re relevant. Do two a day at first so you have time to do the research. Remember you’re writing to an individual. Know something about them. Focus on their needs and how you can meet them.

You can do this. Just do it.